32oz Dinner Bell High Speed Trolling Lure 10/0 Double Stiff Hook Rig

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These are 32oz high speed trolling lures that work well up to 20knots.  The lure design is such that water passes through the collar to help maintain tracking.   Great for Wahoo, Mahi, Tuna for trolling while going from one place to the other.

Lure head is made out of stainless steel and rigged with 480# Stainless steel cable.  Also we use a 550# Spro barrel swivel and  a 2 - 4x strong 10/0 Stainless Steel Swordfish Hook to handle the high speed drag.

We make these to order so you can choose your own color pattern.  Just just the underneath color and the top color. The underneath color will be on a final wrap collar.  All Skirts have Silver on the alternate side except Transparent Pearl.