6 oz Diamond Jigs

$ 12.99

The Diamond Jigs are Big Nic's favorite lure.  He has caught the following on these Spanish Mackerel, Blue Fish, Bonito, Black Sea Bass, Grunts, Grouper, Trigger Fish, Vermillion Snapper, Silver Snapper, False Albacore and Even King Mackerel
All our Diamond jigs are handmade with holographic tape, 3D eyes (there is a .50 Charge for Eyes) if you would like and 4 x strong vmc perma steel treble hooks. If you do not see a color you are looking for, put custom in all three menus and in the order notes leave your color choices.  We will then contact you and confirm your order to make your order to your specs. There is no additional charge for custom colors.  In addition we can make two tone colors patterns with the colors we have in stock.
The process for making these jigs starts by pouring lead, then shaving down the spurs off it. Then they have to be heated up, so that the jigs will take the paint. After painting them, they are hung in an oven for 20 minutes to cure. After that they dropped in cool water to seal more. Then the tape is handcut for each jig. After the tape is cut, the tape is super glued one piece of tape at a time.  After that the Eyes are added to the end, also using heavier duty superglue. Then they are clear coated twice.  After drying 80 plus pound split rings and size 1/0 Vmc permasteel Vmc hooks are added to finish the product.